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IBC Finland’s outlook on year 2022

Industrial biotechnology uses living organisms and their components (e.g., enzymes and nucleic acids) to convert raw material into products and related services. Europe has put forward biotechnology as a central pillar of innovation and identified it as an advanced technology for industry. It is foreseen that industrial biotechnology will be a key enabler for the circular bioeconomy.

IBC Finland – cluster of industrial biotechnology actors

Our cluster brings together top science, applied research, education, corporations, and SMEs. We want to bring new value to various industrial sectors by means of industrial biotechnology, whether it is for materials, chemicals, sustainable food or feed, renewable energy or solving industries’ decarbonisation challenges.

We work closely with several other networks or ecosystems such as CLIC Innovation, synthetic biology ecosystem SynBio Powerhouse, and Finnish Bioindustries FIB.

IBC Finland’s track record includes top notch speakers in our seminars and webinars, board meetings with insightful invited presentations, and project ideation events in the form of platform pitching or industry hackathons, leading to co-operation projects between members or preparation of joint project.

Meet our members or even better, join us!

Our members include eight companies and seven research organisations. We warmly welcome new members to IBC and especially startups, since this year we may offer a lower annual membership fee for small companies.  Also, we expect to gradually be able to open up our events to be held face-to-face. Indeed, on the occasion of Chembio 2022, on June 9, there is a chance to meet in person at Helsinki Trade Fair Centre (Messukeskus), where we will have a jointly organised half-day event, Made in Microbes, with SynBio Powerhouse of VTT (June 9, 2022).

Decade of a solid co-operation and vision to the next decennial

Year 2022 marks a jubileum year for the association since it was founded ten years ago, and a decade has passed when we have witnessed great technical and scientific progress in systems biology, advances in DNA sequencing and synthesis, and genome engineering. Bioprocesses generally operate in moderate conditions of temperature and pH and use less hazardous chemicals and solvents. Industrial biotechnology may enable a lower environmental footprint and a route towards sustainable industries. In 2022, IBC Finland will take a look on the future and next decade, we want to vision the opportunities for various industrial sectors when applying biotechnology and synthetic biology. We shall renew our strategy what comes to partnerships, our value promise to members, and our role in the landscape of future sustainable industries.

New enhanced open-innovation activities

Enhancing the project creation process is definitely a priority for our members, and it will be enhanced.  Our new chairman of the board, Veli-Matti Vuorenpalo of Kemira and vice chair Terhi Puranen of Roal, are excited to lead the strategy process during the next 6 months together with scientific officers Eero Kiljunen and Jari Vehmaanperä. CLIC Innovation will be a close partner while hosting IBC Finland office activities for 2022.

Renewed strategy will be launched in August this year and implementation will commence right after that so watch this space to be involved, become motivated and innovative by industrial biotechnology.

Let’s get in touch, please contact

Aila Maijanen

Executive Officer

IBC Finland ry
c/o Clic Innovation Ltd
Eteläranta 10, 5th floor
FI-00130 Helsinki

IBC Finland builds novel biotechnology solutions and products through project cooperation between companies and research institutes. We offer industry the opportunity to achieve sustainable processing and production of biobased products, chemicals, materials and fuels, from renewable raw materials using biotechnology.

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